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Damascius Journal takes its name from the 5th Century Athenian Philosopher who is revered till date for his exemplary commentaries on the works of Plato and for his expertise on metaphysical issues. By christening this journal after his name, we hope that you as writers will create a niche for yourself in your respective fields just as he did. And if you are an already well-established writer, Damascius is just the name you want to add to your already glittering résumé.
We believe that writing should be encouraged and whatever form we wish to write in is completely our personal choice. Hence a journal should be ready to publish all that we can imagine penning down.

Damascius International Interdisciplinary Journal


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Testimonials Damascius International

I had a very good experience with Damascius International Interdisciplinary Journal. The reviewing was pertinent and professional. The whole process was exceptionally efficient.

Testimonials Damascius International
Rachael Dawse
PR Professional
Testimonials Damascius International

I enjoyed the service provided by Damascius International Interdisciplinary Journal. The Editors were very helpful in a timely fashion. I am happy to be involved with such a great team.

Testimonials Damascius International
Abhi Bhargava
Testimonials Damascius International

My thanks to the reviewers for providing such a thorough read of my article and for providing so many helpful suggestions for its revision.

Testimonials Damascius International
Ammon Hermans
MA Student